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”Ensuring Quality, it all comes down to Collaborations”

We want a face-to-face networking event welcoming all of our members from both Denmark and Sweden and therefore, we have decided to postpone the conference in hope that borders will be reopened, but we also acknowledge the extra-ordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of what will happen, even in the nearest future.

New preliminary dates are February 9th, 2021, and if borders remain closed when approaching this date, we may decide to postpone further to May 18th. If we approach May 18th and the unlikely happens that borders still remain closed, then we may consider virtualizing the conference or what appears more relevant by that time.

The good thing, in all this, is that we have created an amazing conference agenda and attracted highly skilled and relevant presenters for you, our dear members of DKG and SARQA.

Stay tuned more information to follow!

The 9th Scandinavian DKG-SARQA Quality Assurance Conference – November 17th

Ensuring Quality, it all comes down to Collaborations

The 9th Scandinavian DKG-SARQA Quality Assurance Conference

November 17th, 2020 – Industriens Hus in Copenhagen

One of our organizations main objectives is to provide a member network and a joint conference is a very good opportunity for networking. However the pandemic situation with travel and meeting restrictions has prevented us from such activities this spring. We have no idea what the situation will be when we are back at work after the summer, but we need to plan for the future and hope for a post-Corona situation where we can start meeting each other again. Mark you calendar and save the date – more information will follow after the summer.

A glance at the preliminary program:

  • Collaboration – who am I to do that? (plenary)
  • Collaboration with Authorities in Emerging Scientific Areas
  • Collaboration in corporate IT Projects
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Biotech Virtual Business Models
  • Cloudy Data Integrity
  • Auditing Cloud Solutions
  • Sponsor influence on CRO studies – OECD document 21
  • GDPR and Patient Data
  • Annex 1 is out there – now what?

Plenty of opportunities to meet old friends and colleagues, and make new contacts during breaks and post-conference networking event.

Heads up, stay safe, have a great summer and above all – block November 17th in your calendar!